Club Rules
1.Absolutely NO excessive drinking or drunks will be tolerated at the club.

2.Absolutely NO DRUGS on club premises.

3.NO means "NO" at all times, Non-consensual touching or grabbing will not be tolerated. This is the golden rule of our lifestyle. The right to say "yes" is also accompanied by the right to say "NO". Further explanation is neither necessary nor required. Be polite, but be firm.

4.No cameras or video equipment are allowed at the club at anytime.

5.To ensure everyone has a fun and relaxed evening, discretion is very important and privacy towards others should be respected. The rule is very simple. "What you see here, and hear here, stays here when you leave here!" We don't talk out of school.

6.There are couples at all levels of the lifestyle, so it is very important to communicate with others your preferences, rules and limitations. Honesty is still your best policy.

7.Only couples the age of majority and older will be admitted to the club.

In closing, We truly hope you have a fun night at Club Enigma and maintain a friendly and positive environment for all to enjoy.